Our Values

Vineyard Offshore is dedicated to building a new clean energy industry in the United States - growing a diverse, skilled workforce, offering new opportunities for local businesses, and contributing to the communities where we work. In every project we undertake, we are committed to communicating openly and transparently, cultivating trusting relationships, and building local partnerships. To learn about how we put our values to work, click below:

Vineyard Wind 1

Building The Nation's First Commercial-Scale Offshore Wind Farm

Vineyard Wind 1, a joint venture with Avangrid Renewables LLC, is the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind energy project. Located more than 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, the project will generate enough clean, renewable and cost-effective energy to power more than 400,000 homes and businesses while reducing carbon pollution by more than 1.6 million tons per year, the equivalent of taking 325,000 cars off the road annually. Vineyard Offshore is also developing Vineyard Northeast, a second lease area off the Massachusetts coast, with even more potential.

Status: Under Construction

Excelsior Wind

Delivering 1.3 Gigawatts For A Clean Energy Future

Vineyard Offshore is proud to introduce Excelsior Wind to the State of New York. With a capacity of 1.3 GW, Excelsior Wind has the potential to power 700,000 homes in New York with clean and affordable energy, avoiding carbon emissions of up to 1.1 million metric tons annually.

Status: Project Selected

The Future of Offshore Wind is Floating  

Vineyard Offshore participated in the first-ever US West Coast auction for commercial-scale floating offshore wind energy development. Vineyard Offshore was awarded a lease area west of Humboldt Bay for floating wind turbine development. We look forward to supporting the ambitious offshore wind power goals of the State of California and doing our part to create jobs that will benefit the entire state.
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Status: Under Development