Vineyard Offshore takes a community-led approach to jobs and workforce development associated with our offshore wind projects. One of the most important economic benefits for local communities provided by offshore wind development is job creation, providing employment opportunities for both union members and those looking for new opportunities in the workforce. With experience gained through Vineyard Wind – the nation’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project – Vineyard Offshore is committed to integrating local union labor in its projects while also diversifying the offshore wind workforce.

Vineyard Wind was the first offshore wind project to sign a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) for construction of the project, committing to 500 union jobs. Vineyard Offshore looks to partner with organized labor on its offshore wind developments, while including hiring goals for women, BIPOC, and local residents who may be underrepresented in union trades. Vineyard Offshore supports local education institutions and workforce training programs and hosts job fairs in concert with its contractors and suppliers. Vineyard Offshore also works to attract the next generation of workers to the offshore wind industry by investing in youth development agencies and programs. Our aim is to ensure that the communities in which we work have access to every tool, pathway, and training option to anchor job opportunities with local residents.

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