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Vineyard Offshore firmly believes that offshore wind developers must support good fisheries studies and science as the offshore wind industry grows up alongside the region’s oldest offshore industry- fishing. Fisheries related surveys, studies, and key research milestones are provided below.  These studies should be in addition to past and on-going basic research such as conducted by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

SMAST conducts their drop camera survey from commercial scallop vessels twice a year to examine the benthic macroinvertebrate community and substrate habitat.


Trawl surveys are conducted seasonally, four times a year to collect baseline data on commercially important fish species abundance, spatial distribution, size structure, and length-weight relationship. Surveys are conducted on local commercial fishing vessels and follow the Northeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program (NEAMAP) protocols. NEAMAP is a nearshore, spring and fall survey initiated in 2006 from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) that stretches from Cape Hatteras to Cape Cod.


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The New England Aquarium and INSPIRE Environmental are conducting research on the movements of highly migratory fish species (sharks, tunas, and marlins) in the southern New England wind energy area.




The Fisheries Representatives represent the interests of fishermen to the project, and help make sure the project is getting the information it should have about the fishing industry.  Fisheries Reps represent the interests of fishermen, not the project.  Fisheries Reps also help get out the word about project activities offshore, and help to make sure the project is aware of any immediate problems or concerns from fishermen.

Martha's Vineyard Fishermen's Preservation Trust logo

Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust  
(508) 687-0344
The Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust is a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 2011 to: (i) Preserve the historic fishing fleets, communities, and economies of Martha’s Vineyard; (ii) Protect the marine populations and fishing grounds off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard and New England; (iii) Educate the community about its local fisheries.

Port of New Bedford logo

New Bedford Port Authority
(508) 961-3000
The New Bedford Port Authority (NBPA) is the governing body for New Bedford’s harbor and city-owned waterfront properties. It is chaired by the Mayor of New Bedford with six other members. The role of the NBPA is to support the Port of New Bedford by continually upgrading port resources; preserving its spot as the #1 U.S. fishing port; and expanding the New Bedford economy. The NBPA oversees all the commercial and recreational vessel activity within New Bedford city limits, incorporating the city’s entire coastline and harbor.

Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association logo

Mass. Lobstermen’s Association, Inc. / Attn: Beth Casoni
(781) 545-6984 office
(508) 738-1245 cell
The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association is a member-driven organization that accepts and supports the interdependence of species conservation and the members’ collective economic interests.  The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association was established in 1963 by the fishermen, for the fishermen, and is presently one of the leading commercial fishing industry associations in New England. On behalf of the 1,800 members, the MLA works to maintain both the industry and the resource. The MLA strives to be proactive on issues affecting the lobster industry and is active in the management process at both the state and federal levels. The MLA communicates with its members through a monthly newspaper, weekly email, Facebook, Twitter and attendance at meetings. For the past 54 years, the MLA has become a trustworthy voice for the industry on important issues, and is looked to by both the fishing industry and the management community

Jim Kendall headshot

New Bedford Seafood Consulting
Jim Kendall, Executive Director
(508) 997-0013 office / (508) 287-2010 cell
Mr. Kendall is the Executive Director of New Bedford Seafood Consulting. He is a former scallop fisherman with over 50 years of experience in the fishing industry and with fisheries issues. Mr. Kendall was a member of a research team for the Commercial Fisheries Research Foundation that focused on discard mortality rates of Southern New England flatfish. Mr. Kendall served as a New England Fishery Management Council member for numerous terms. He has also served on the Massachusetts Fisheries Recovery Commission, the New England Commercial Fishing Law Enforcement Working Group, and is a founding member of the Massachusetts Fishermen’s Partnership. Mr. Kendall was featured in the book A Doryman’s Reflection: A Fisherman’s Life. Additionally, Mr. Kendall has been interviewed on WBSM radio and by the New Bedford Standard Times, the Gloucester Times, and the Boston Globe on fisheries issues.

CAM logo

Coastal Asset Management LLC
Michael Theiler
(860) 235-5117 cell
Coastal Asset Management was formed by Gordon Videll, Gary Yerman, and Michael Theiler in Southeastern Connecticut. “Together we have decades of experience as professional mariners and extensive knowledge of local waters that allow us to provide and distribute information in an effective and meaningful manner to the local fishing community.”

CFCR logo

Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island  Fred Mattera, Executive Director /
(401) 874-4568 office
(401) 741-4178 cell

Shaye Rooney, Assistant Director
(401) 316-0081 cell

The Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island is the home for the Ocean State's commercial fishing community. The center was founded to preserve commercial fishing as a profession, culture, and way of life through promoting the sustainability of the resource. Achieving true sustainability in our fisheries is a difficult and complicated feat. But CFCRI believes in cultivating an environment of open communication and encouraging the sharing of knowledge about our ocean and its resources. In the pursuit of sustainable seas, our approach is innovative, our lens is optimistic, and our goals are ambitious.

Our members believe in commercial fishing as a profession, a culture, and a way of life. We seek to preserve the sanctity of our community, the solvency of our small business and the sustainability of the fishery resource. The Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island is our headquarters to bring fishermen, scientists, managers, and elected officials together in a collaborative effort to improve our fisheries and our understanding of the marine environment so that the proud heritage of our industry continues nobly through future generations.

dock stock photo

The Montauk Fish Dock
Paul Farnham
(631) 835 9355 cell
The Montauk Fish Dock is a commercial fish unloading packing and freight forwarding facility located in Montauk NY. The Dock provides diesel fuel, ice, dockage and  fresh water. Montauk Fish Dock has been servicing the fishing fleet since 1988. Customer gear types are inshore and offshore Draggers, inshore and offshore gillneters, offshore bottom and surface longliners, inshore and offshore Lobster, offshore sea scallop, inshore and offshore rod and reel. The fleet consists of approximately 40 fishing vessels of which 20 vessels fish all year.

ASGA logo

The American Saltwater Guides Association (ASGA)
Tony Friedrich
(202) 744-5013
Willy Goldsmith
(617) 763-3340
ASGA is the organizing voice for members of the recreational fishing community who find greater value in having access to abundant fish stocks rather than simply maximizing harvest. Members include for-hire captains and guides, fishing-related small businesses, and private anglers from Maine to Florida who fish for a broad range of state- and federally-managed species.

buoy and net stock photo

Tyler Macallister, Representing the commercial and recreational handgear fishery for Highly Migratory Species (HMS)
(508) 221-8991
fvcynthiac@comcast.netCaptain R. Tyler Macallister has been a commercial and charter fisherman for 36 years, fishing for groundfish, striped bass and bluefin tuna in New England. Captain Macallister holds degrees in Marine and General Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where he focused on large pelagic species specifically bluefin tuna and other highly migratory species. He currently serves on several NOAA committees for both recreational and commercial fishing for highly migratory species and has contributed to the ongoing research by providing photos and videos taken from both boats and spotter planes.  He also holds a Masters Degree in Business providing a unique perspective to the economics of both recreational fishing and the impacts of regulatory, fish population fluctuation and other variables that may affect fisheries.  


Vineyard Offshore is an active member and/or participant in the following technical working groups and advisory boards:
Massachusetts Fisheries Working Group on Offshore Wind Energy  
Massachusetts Habitat Working Group on Offshore Wind Energy  
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Fisheries Technical Working Group (FTWG)
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Environmental Technical Working Group  
International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES)


Offshore Wind Port Hours: June 13th and 14th

Join Fisheries Liaisons for port hours on commercial and recreational fishing: 9AM-12PM on 6/13 in Leonard’s Wharf, New Bedford, and 6/14 in Superior Trawl, Narragansett.

ICES New Bedford Harbor Boat Tour: June 6th, 2024

The ICES Working Group spent a week on the UMASS Dartmouth SMASTs campus. They joined fishing reps, scientists, and other OSW and industry partners for a tour of the New Bedford Harbor.

MV Fishing Derby: September 10th - October 14th, 2023

Our team had a great time participating in the 78th annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby!

Striper Fest 2023

Our team celebrated a great season of fishing for striped bass at this year’s StriperFest in Falmouth, Massachusetts.