June 1, 2022

Dear Fishermen, The New England Aquarium and INSPIRE Environmental are conducting research on the movements of highly migratory fish species (sharks, tunas, and marlins) in the southern New England wind energy area. Part of this research requires acoustic receivers to be placed on the seafloor in the locations shown as colored circles in the chart below.  Receivers have no surface buoys and are connected to a mooring system weighing approximately 75 pounds that extends 2 to 3 meters (6 to 9 feet) off the seafloor, as shown in the below photo.  Receivers have been placed near obstructions to the greatest extent practicable to reduce the risk of interaction with mobile fishing gear, and will be deployed in these locations until December 15, 2022.Fishing Vessels listed below will be involved in tagging trips targeting highly migratory species throughout the RI/MA Wind Energy Area from June through September.We are committed to communicating and working with local fishermen in the region during all stages of development for offshore wind projects. If you are fishing or plan to fish in the survey area during this time period, please contact us with any questions or comments.

LOCATIONS: SEE CHART BELOW. All vessels standing by on VHF channel 13 & 16

F/V BOTTOM LINE Flag: United States Length: 28’ Captain:  Tyler Macallister Phone:  508-221-8991

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F/V REEL EZ Flag: United States Length: 35’ Captain:  Robert Taylor Phone:  978-877-0997

F/V CALLISTO Flag: United States Length: 25’ Captain: Jeff Kneebone Phone:  603-969-2138

F/V TORO Flag: United States Length: 30’ Captain: Diego Bernal Phone:  508-415-1975
For the latest information, please contact:
Crista Bank, Fisheries Manager, Cell: 508-525-0421 • Email:
Jeannot Smith, Marine Liaison, Cell: 904-613-0134 • Email:
Travis Lowery, Fisheries Liaison, Cell: 508-728-4529 • Email: