A Case Study in Offshore Wind Development:
Partnering with the Fishing Industry

Vineyard Offshore believes that offshore wind and the fishing industry can both thrive together. There is no better example of that than Vineyard Offshore’s experience developing, and now constructing, Vineyard Wind 1. Through Vineyard Wind, Vineyard Offshore has amassed a decade of experience working with commercial and recreational fishermen, vessel owners, fishing advocacy organizations, shore support services, and fisheries research institutions in the Northeast.

Our record of accomplishment demonstrates our ability to develop productive working relationships with fisheries stakeholders as well as our commitment to develop, permit, and deploy well-sited offshore wind projects with minimal environmental and fisheries impacts – and monitor what impacts may occur.  

The Vineyard Wind project showed how the fishing industry and an offshore wind developer could work together for mutual benefit, with vessel upgrades and port facility enhancements leading to opportunities for fishermen to put their skills, knowledge, and boats to work on the project itself.

Finding ways to collaborate is central to the Vineyard method of offshore wind development.


Building Trust through Science and Communication

Investing in Fishermen, Facilities, and Fleet

“Fishing can be a boom or bust industry,” said Tony Alvernez, captain of FV Kathryn Marie. “By working with Vineyard Wind, we’re able to add a new stream of revenue to our business, while at the same time update our vessel with improved safety equipment. This should be a real opportunity for years to come.”